Laminating & Encapsulation services

Protect your document or artwork from scratches and moisture by using our laminating & encapsulation services.



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Your documents are important and if you laminate them or encapsulate them, they will last a lot longer and be protected against moisture, alteration or damage.

Lamination places a film of plastic over the document and is applied to either one side or both sides, this will leave the edges open to moisture, but does protect the document from damage to the front or rear.

Encapsulation places the document inside a sealed pouch with a clear amount of plastic around the edges.  This makes the document completely protected from moisture.

Once lamination or encapsulation takes place, it cannot be undone as the glue from the film sticks to the document face.

Laminating Services & Encapsulation Services 2

For the larger images we use the roll laminator above.  It is an Excelamll made by GMP and can handle any size up to A1.  We can change the film thickness, but we tend to offer 250mic film in Matt or gloss - the prices are below.

Laminating Services & Encapsulation Services 1

For smaller sizes we use the Ibico Pouchmaster Pro.  This is a pouch laminator that takes pouch sizes from Business Card size up to size A3.  We offer two thicknesses of pouch 125mic per side or 75mic per side - the prices are below.

Laminating Prices

A4       -          99p

A3       -       £1.99

A2       -       £4.49

A1       -       £8.99

The above price assumes a 125mic per side laminating film/pouch Gloss.  For Matt film/pouches or larger quantities or for shipping/postage costs, please contact us.